Makers of water bath beverage pasteurizers

About the Pasteurizer

The pasteurizer was designed to meet the needs of smaller volume beverage producers, start-up companies, or those larger businesses doing small batch product development. It is a hot water bath machine, and is intended to be used as a last production step, after the bottle has been sealed. It is capable of pasteurizing six to eight cases of 750 ml bottles at a time. In the case of cider, a typical pasteurization cycle lasts about 50 minutes.

Waterproof construction, along with a heavy-duty aluminum skin, allow the machine to survive in a commercial workplace environment. Interior construction is all stainless steel, for corrosion resistance. Also, a removable floor grate allows machine cleanout, if necessary. The strong portable stand allows for convenient relocation and storage when not in use.

Why Pasteurize?

Peter Mitchell, a noted English beverage-production authority and cider consultant (, writes:

“Drinks such as cider, perry, fruit wines and juices are very susceptible to microbial contamination and spoilage, even if they do not contain any residual sugar. Problems will be even worse if any sugar is also present. In certain cases, such as with fresh-pressed apple juices ("soft cider"), food pathogens (e.g. E. coli) can also survive & grow. Pasteurization - a mild form of heat treatment - is one of the main and most reliable techniques used to destroy yeasts, molds and bacteria that can otherwise cause unwanted fermentation, spoilage or worse. It will also provide for an extended shelf-life of a bottled product.

It is important that pasteurization is carried out using well designed, made & reliably controlled equipment to ensure that the process itself is effective and also to avoid damage to the product. In many cases, if pasteurization is carried out carefully, it can also improve the flavor of the product.”

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